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Kindergartners Count, Inc., a U.S. 501(c)(3) international not-for-profit organization, is dedicated to children's self-concept development through literacy. Kindergartners Count, Inc. offers the research-based 12-week I Like Me! reading enhancement/self-concept development/character education program. Working with other partners and organizations, Kindergartners Count, Inc. works to make the program available to children around the world.

The I Like Me! program is a research-based, personalized program for children preschool through grade two and was developed to:

  • Instill a love of reading.
  • Foster positive self-concept.
  • Create positive associations toward school and learning.
  • Help build character.
  • Encourage positive and acceptable behavior mannerisms.
  • Promote interaction among children, parents, educators, businesses and other positive facets of the community.

Often referred to as a "good citizenship" program, I Like Me! communicates anti-drug and anti-gang messages, and illustrates gender sensitivity, cultural diversity and the inclusion of people with disabilities. Studies show the 12-week I Like Me! program contributes significantly to the overall growth in positive self-concept in children, in addition to improving reading comprehension and recall through the use of the personalized book. Since 1993, over a half million children around the world have participated in I Like Me!

There are two levels of materials: I Like Me! for kindergarten through grade two, and I Like Me! Preschool for younger children. Each child receives a hard-bound personalized book to keep – making each child a hero in his or her own life. Each child’s book is printed separately and contains over 60 personalizations: the child’s name, the names of 2 friends chosen by the child, plus the names of the teacher, principal, school, hometown and state/province. Names of funding sponsor(s) and volunteer organization(s) are also printed in each book. Each I Like Me! book is printed on high-quality paper. The books are hard-bound to last for years and years – a treasured school momento to be read and cherished by children and parents. The Teacher’s/Leader's Guide contains 12-week of daily lesson plans, including "Word for the Week" exercises, classroom activities, discussion topics, the special I Like Me! cheer and parent involvement activities. The lessons in the Teacher’s/Leader's Guide are easily incorporated into the existing curriculum, allowing teachers the flexibility to use all or part of the guide. The personalized I Like Me! child’s book is available in American English, Canadian English and Spanish. The personalized I Like Me! Preschool child's book is available in English.


  • Seventy-five percent of 4th graders cannot meet expected reading standards.
  • Good reading habits must be instilled in our children as early as possible.
  • Learning during the critical early learning years impacts the child’s entire lifetime.
  • Low self-concept in children tends to hinder reading development.
  • Children who encounter reading difficulties tend to experience self-concept decline.
  • Advisory Board:
    Susan Gorin, Executive Director, National Association of School Psychologists
    Frederick N. Brown, Assoc. Exec. Dir., National Assn. of Elementary School Principals
    Sarah M. Greene, Chief Executive Officer, National Head Start Association
    Dr. Paul Houston, Executive Director, American Association of School Administrators
    Gary Marx, President, Center for Public Outreach
    Mark Ginsberg, Executive Director, National Association for the Education of Young Children
    R. Adam Engle, Chairman and Co-Founder, Mind and Life Institute


    $15.00 per child’s personalized hard-bound book and $15.00 per 12-week teacher’s guide. (Price includes shipping within continental U.S. Allow 5 to 6 weeks for delivery)

    Kindergartners Count, Inc.
    PO Box 3825, Topeka, KS 66604
    Phone: 785-224-5740


    "Words for the Week"
    12 Units

    (Kindergarten through Grade 2)

    "Words for the Week"
    12 Units

    (Preschool Version)


    Sample Topics for Discussion:
    Uniqueness, Individuality, World Cultures, Environment
    Conflict Resolution, Appropriate Expression of Feelings
    Humor, Cooperation, Belonging, Gangs, Sensitivity
    Growth, Development, Health, Pride, Nutrition
    Internal & External Strengths, Limits, Drugs, Choices
    Names, Goals, Accomplishments, Solutions
    Efforts, Learning, Persistence, Rewards
    Approval, Togetherness, Learning = Winning
    Leaving Home to Go to School, Bus Rules & Safety
    Proper Conduct, Listening, Manners, Consideration, Giving
    Alone does not equal Lonely, Solitude, Honesty, Practice
    Variety, Kindness, Change, Challenges, Inclusion
    Opportunity, Rules, Safety, Nurturing, Stereotypes
    Talents, Imagination, Creativity, Colors, Shapes
    Animals, Thoughtfulness, Organization, Cleanliness
    Power Thoughts, Habits, Destiny, Possibilities
    Dreams, Acceptance, Importance of Each Day

    I LIKE ME! is research-based!

    One of the research findings of the 12-week I LIKE ME! Program states: "The use of the personalized I LIKE ME! reader improved reading comprehension and recall in kindergartners by an average of 46.8% over children using non-personalized readers."

    This small investment in the life of a child provides an invaluable return - you help a child "learn to read" now, empowering a child to then "read to learn" for a lifetime.

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